Ink to the Woods
Graphic Design and Illustration by Clair Haycraft
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How we work - next phase

How we work

How we work

Burrowing below the surface  

Finding your unique pathway/ route 

every project is different but here is a typical example of how a project will run.

The beginning (image thermos with two cups)

  1. face to face chat over a cup of tea of over the phone depending on your location

  2. estimate / proposal

  3. proposal agreed

  4. start project

The middle (sketchbook open with pencil case and ideas scibbled down)

  • phase 1: First stage design provided for review, either presented in person or via email. Depending on the project this could be initial sketches or worked up designs.

  • phase 2: Develop the design /illustration in response to

The end (i mac with close up of text and invisible bits)

phase 3: Finalising files, whether that’s for print or digital we always ensure we carry out our final artwork checks.